We've developed a highly effective approach to building brands when there's not much time or when dollars need to be stretched and we normally keep it a secret. But we like you. So, we'll tell you about it. Just this once.

FIRST, develop a competitive brand positioning. Not some bullshit, wide-open strategy. Something competitive and specific. Something that puts a stake in the ground and says: this is what we stand for.

NEXT, develop creative that the consumer will embrace rather than reject. An Adweek study showed that consumers think most marketing is "noise" and ignore it. However, most consumers report that they actually embrace messaging that was entertaining. So, they ignore the boring stuff and like the good stuff. Imagine that?

FINALLY, deliver a consistent look, feel and message across all mediums.

The result? Messaging that is strategically sound, difficult to ignore and consistent everywhere the consumer is likely to come in contact with it. That's our secret. Now, whatever you do, don't tell anyone.


If a small-ish agency is to be truly adept at integrated marketing, that means they'd have to hire creatives that can work in all mediums. Radio writers, TV writers, print writers, art directors, logo designers, package designers, web designers, digital advertising creatives, print producers, naming experts, web producers, and on, and on. Pretty soon that small-ish agency is, well, a big agency.

But still, clients need help with all these mediums. And that's why we formed Hub Strategy. Hub employs a full time staff of account managers, strategists, creative directors and a handful of creatives. But it's our creative network of about 100 freelancers that makes us different. These creatives are specialists: Web designers, TV Writers, Flash Designers, Package Designers. And everything in between. They form what we've been calling a "creative collective" and we work with them on a daily basis.

Our creative directors manage and direct these freelancers as if they are on staff. And to our clients, it feels that way. We, in effect become a creative and strategic hub (Hub, Get it?) that allows us to match the right creative person with any given job.

This model allows us to not only work in all mediums, but to work well in all mediums. In our ten-year history, we've won literally hundreds of creative awards. But the part we're most proud of was the fact that we won awards for print, web design, viral marketing, interactive advertising, outdoor, package design, radio, television and sales collateral.