Hub Strategy is throwing a party - SnowBash at Squaw Valley Hub Strategy has now entered the party-throwing business by kicking off their first event, SnowBash - a three-day party on St. Patrick's Weekend, full of snow sports and music in Squaw Valley). "Really fun events are a great way to connect brands with people, and that's exactly what we're doing with SnowBash", said DJ O'Neil, founder and Creative Director at Hub. "Plus, now we get to include skiing and drinking in Squaw Valley as a legitimate tax write-off." SnowBash begins Friday March 16 at the KT Base Bar at Squaw Valley USA and includes everything from DJs and a special showing of Discovery Channel's Frozen Planet, to a chance to ski with Olympic gold medalist Johnny Mosley. Sound like a great time. And if Hub is throwing it, you know it'll be fun.