Good Stuff, Fast Hub Strategy Tapped by SEGA for New M-Rated Kinect Game Rise of Nightmares

Hub Strategy, the San Francisco-based creative agency, was selected by SEGA® of America, Inc. to quickly create, from conception to delivery, four spots in less than eight weeks for their first M-rated Kinect™ video game Rise of Nightmares™. Hub Strategy created three M-rated spots for the internet and a PG-rated version for television.

Unlike the family-friendly games released in the past for Kinect™ for Xbox360®, Rise of Nightmares is clearly intended for a mature audience. SEGA wanted to promote the game in a more humorous way than expected.

“Because this is the first M-rated Kinect game, we thought it would be great to show the contrast between this and the typical family-friendly Kinect games in the market,” said DJ O’Neil, Hub Founder/Creative Director. “We decided to use a zombie as their spokesman and anchor all of the creative with him. He was just like every other happy, cheesy t.v. pitchman—but he was dead; complete with creepy eyes and rotting face and hands.”

The four spots were filmed in two days and the first spot was delivered within one week. One scene was even filmed in the kitchen of Hub Strategy.

“Having a production company within Hub is a big help—from creative control to timing to budget,” said O’Neil who directed all the spots, as well as co-starred in the behind-the-scenes videos.