Hub Strategy Creative Director Speaks at Red Herring CMO '08

DJ O'Neil, Founder and Creative Director of Hub Strategy was a speaker at CMO 08, focusing on the lessons the tech sector can learn from the consumer marketing arena, in particular addressing examples of the high-profile ads during Super Bowl XLI. "In 2007 CMOs struggled more than ever to both consolidate and expand their roles inside the corporate infrastructure of technology industries. Their priorities of promoting a brand and generating demand have been dramatically affected by a changing environment. The latest trends and breakthroughs, along with emerging technologies, are reshaping the way work is done and how results are achieved. At Red Herring CMO 2008, February 4-6 in San Diego, California, Red Herring and a roster of top CMOs will identify and examine the rapidly evolving marketing landscape. By fostering debates with industry leaders and spotlighting dynamic market changes, this groundbreaking event will provide powerful insights-- from lessons learned to perspectives on the future. As importantly, Red Herring will explore overriding question: What is the true role of the CMO?"