Hub Strategy TV for Slingbox Featured in Lurzer's Archive Magazine

"Lurzer's ARCHIVE, Ads, TV and Posters worldwide" - a unique review dedicated to presenting the best new print campaigns and TV commercials from all over the world. Sling Media / Slingbox "Dentist" Hub Strategy, San Francisco Peter Judd, Art Director; Sam Pond, Writer; DJ O'Neil, Director; Hub Strategy, Production Company Description: "A patient is introducing his dentist to the benefits of Slingbox, a receiver that can be used to watch TV movies on one's laptop or mobile phone, the item he has chosen for the demonstration being some kind of horror movie. Both amused and shocked by what they see, dentist and patient are noisy in their expressions of horror. Yet the patients in the other rooms put a rather different interpretation on the hysterical shrieks they hear coming from inside."