Hub Strategy releases new TV Spot for ShopStyle San Francisco - July 14, 2008 - Hub Strategy & Communication (Hub), a full service marketing and advertising creative collective, is about to release a new TV spot for Sugar Inc.'s ShopStyle. This is the first TV spot for any Sugar Inc. entity and uses innovative CG techniques to help communicate the uniqueness of the online shopping site. The premise of the spot is that ShopStyle is the ultimate online destination for those addicted to fashion. With all of their favorite stores in one place it can truly feed the most ferocious shopping habit. The spot features a "Habit" creature who reaps the bounty of a ShopStyle spree. "Reading the blogs on ShopStyle I noticed that almost everyone wrote about having a fashion habit/addiction," said Peter Judd, Hub's Design Director and creator of the spot. "I could totally relate to the unending need for fabulous things and it made me want to play with the idea of bringing someone's habit to life, specifically their fashion habit." The spot opens with a woman entering her city apartment carrying a stack of boxes. She rips open the shipping tape to inspect her latest fashionable purchases. The spot shifts when she delivers a ballpark whistle and a creature composed completely of her clothes and accessories rumbles around the corner. She gives the go-ahead and it dives at the boxes. It concludes with the "Feed Your Habit" title appearing on the screen. "We wanted to create a sense of a woman's relationship with her closet and the thrill she experiences when her online purchases arrive. By showcasing many of the brands and possibilities available, we hope to show women how easily they can feed their habit by simply visiting one site," said Andy Moss, Founder and General Manager of ShopStyle. The entire spot was produced by Hub with Creative Director/Founder DJ O'Neil directing. Hub partnered with the animation and design studio The Famous Group to create the Habit. The Famous Group's team was charged with developing a creature that was a bit scary at first glance but could be gentle and endearing. For the CG team the real challenge was creating a personality and facial expressions using only accessories and clothing items. Another trick was getting all the various pieces to flow realistically on the creature as it moved. Earl Burnley Jr., Creative Director at The Famous Group said, "To make certain that people see the Habit is made of clothes, jewelry and other accessories, we spent a crucial amount of time getting the simulation for cloth to work right without having it break apart or do odd things. We wanted looser hanging cloth to react the way it should as the creature moved frantically or calmly." The spot will air nationally on NBC in both :30 and :20 formats. About Hub Strategy Hub Strategy and Communication focuses on integrated marketing built around a solid brand strategy that acts as a Hub for all communication. Client experience includes the Slingbox, Nike, Sega, MacGregor Golf, Konami, Fox Sports Net, Lombardi Sports, Clear Channel, Sidi Cycling Shoes, Sparks Energy Drink, and KCBS radio. About Sugar Inc. Sugar Inc. is an online media network focused on creating the richest, most relevant online community for trendsetting, passionate and smart women. The company owns and operates ShopStyle, Coutorture Media, StarBrand Media and the Sugar Network, which includes the insanely addictive flagship website, PopSugar as well as BellaSugar, BuzzSugar, YumSugar, FitSugar, geeksugar, GiggleSugar, lilsugar, CasaSugar, DearSugar, PetSugar, SavvySugar, CitizenSugar, PopSugar UK, FabSugar UK, TeamSugar, and FabSugar, the 2007 People's Choice Webby winner for Fashion. Founded in April 2006, the San Francisco-based Sugar Inc. overall receives approximately 8 million unique visitors a month. World-class investors including Sequoia Capital and NBC Universal fund Sugar Inc.