San Francisco-based Hub Strategy recently completed this vehicle for Nike 6.0 as part of their sponsorship of the AST Dew Tour (Mountain Dew's Actions Sports Tour). With only a week to come up with ideas the studio put a crazy range of people on the concepting assignment including an architect, strategic planner, industrial designer, graphic designer and writer. Nike chose the vehicle concept; then the creative team had only fourteen days to source the base vehicle, build it and get it shipped it to the first venue in Baltimore. With components built into it for every extreme sport (a skate ramp, wakeboard tower, surf racks, skate board rails, BMX racks, a BBQ, sleep-in camper shell, built-in CD player, radio and a remote control iPod) it's a crazy example of 3-D functional design and alternative media. But the best part: It uses a "real-life" point of contact to create a viral effect. Nat Kidder/Dan Phillips, concept artists; Peter Judd/Domingo Johnson/Ryan Scheiber, designers; Peter Judd, design director; DJ O'Neil, creative director; Alec Mironov/Joe Oh, account managers; Jim's Body Shop, fabricator.