A's New TV Ad Campaign

March 20, 2010 SFGate.com

The A's showed their small media contingent the new TV ad campaign this morning. The theme is "Green Collar Baseball," which is where "hustle meets humor," according to DJ O'Neil of Hub Strategy advertising agency.

"Fast" is already airing - it shows Davis blazing through his normal everyday activities, shaving, changing, speed walking past some pedestrians on the sidewalk. The next to be unveiled, "Tiny Plate," features Andrew Bailey using an unusual training method.

Some future highlights include Ryan Sweeney shagging golf balls on a driving range, Kurt Suzuki challenging a steer to run him over at the plate and Dave Stewart trying to teach Trevor Cahill his famous staredown. Another features the brainy Breslow debating a complicated equation with Stomper.

My favorite is the one that will air before the A's June 26 Turn Back the Clock Day; Bailey's wearing an Afro and a handlebar mustache ala Rollie Fingers, and, surrounded by 70s era A's uniforms, Mark Ellis is wearing an old-timey baseball uniform.

"I misread the memo," Ellis says. "I thought it was 1870s."

(Ellis really looks the part in an old-time uniform, by the way. He'd fit in nicely in that era.)

Hub and Jim Leahey, the A's vice president of sales and marketing, also thoughtfully included a behind-the-scenes and blooper segment during the viewing, and that might have been the best bit. It was particularly funny to hear Bailey asking the director, "You want me to say 'nipple clipper' as a question?" (The ad will include other inventive ideas for new baseball terms as the players brainstorm possibilities.)

Leahey said the bloopers will be included on the team's official website at some point; several of the TV spots will be up on the site by Opening Day.