HUB helps anti-Quran pastor win a car.

Ok, that headline is not really fair. So let us tell you the full story. It's a good one:

DJ O'Neil of HUB Strategy has been collaborating with Brad Benson - a car dealer from New Jersey - on his radio spots for the last 7 years. In his most-recent campaign, Benson offered a free car to Florida pastor and media whore Terry Jones if he backed off from his threat/stunt of burning the Koran.

About 10 days after the spot ran, and after Jones decided against burning the holy book, Jones called up Benson and wanted to take him up on the free car offer. So DJ wrote a spot for Benson asking radio listeners to weigh in on the decision. 2,600 people called and emailed over the next 4 days. The sentiment was to keep his word and give Jones the car and that's what Benson is about to do. Listen to the spot here.

Jones says he plans to donate the car to an organization that helps abused Muslim women.

And Benson? He told the Associated Press: "We don't have your typical car commercial." But they are memorable - and effective. Three years ago, he was selling 60 cars a month, he said. Today, that number is between 500 and 600 - making him one of the state's most successful dealers.