Hub Video for Jawbone Featured in Newscast

It's Distracted Driving Awareness Month, and that means officers are focusing more than ever on drivers breaking California's cell phone law.

The warnings are displayed on freeways and highways across the region. If you're caught breaking the cell phone law, it'll cost you at least $159. So how much will it cost you to be "hands- free"?

"When it really gets down to specifics, it's gonna depend on the consumer," said Aaron Kirzner from Best Buy.

You can be compliant for as cheap as a cup of Starbucks, but as with anything, if you spend more, the quality is a lot better. At Best Buy, there's a device for every budget. They start near $20 and go up to more than $100.

"You will notice things like a difference in audio quality, features like noise cancellation," said Kirzner.

But how different are we talking? You get a basic set for $19.99. Pay $10 more and get better audio quality. And for about $40 ...

"Audio quality is really starting to get to the mid-range peak. Comfort is gonna be better. Your battery life is just starting to improve," said Kirzner.

At around $80, there's the Blue Ant. It announces callers in your phone book and asks you to answer or ignore.

"Much better battery life, much better audio quality and much higher comfort level," said Kirzner.

When you get closer to $100 and beyond, you get high levels of noise cancellation, military grade in some cases.

Also, you will be able to download apps for things like sending texts and emails with your voice. The Jawbone's apps even allow you to change the voice you hear, instantly dial anyone you like, and leave instant Facebook messages.

Said Kirzner, "It's kind of the old saying, you get what you pay for."