10 Game Trailers That Rocked PAX Prime

Wired Magazine featured 10 game trailers that got their attention at the recent PAX Prime Event. The Rise Of Nightmares trailer, created by SF agency Hub Strategy, made the top of the list. Here's what Wired had to say: The biannual Penny Arcade Expo is a convention where gamers may do whatever they please. Want to watch chiptune artists in concert? Bring some earplugs. Want to hear game developers speak on panel discussions? You're covered. Or, you could just — stay with me, here — play some of the hottest new and upcoming videogames on display. In case you missed the most recent PAX, held last weekend in Seattle, here are many of the new game trailers, behind-the-scenes videos and gameplay footage excerpts released by publishers during the three-day expo. With Microsoft taking over a huge chunk of the convention center for its first-ever Halo Fest, one of the big stars of the weekend was Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary. But indie games and big-budget productions alike shared the stage. Above: Rise of Nightmares Sega's upcoming Rise of Nightmares for the Xbox 360's Kinect isn't like other games utilizing the camera-powered controller. This video introduces one of the game's undead creatures, who will tell you why that is: "No dancing, no steering wheel and ... no perky aerobics instructor." Sold.